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Contemporary Christian Fingerstyle Guitar Solos MB98163BCD $17.95

This unique book combines two of the best loved hymns of the Christian church, “Amazing Grace” and “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” with eight original compositions. These selections were chosen from 3 different solo albums recorded by renowned Los Angeles guitarist Jay Leach. The compositions and arrangements contained in this book will not only provide a unique perspective on harmonic chord substitution and voice leading, but will also provide many valuable insights on acoustic fingerstyle technique for players of all levels from beginners to seasoned professionals. The inspirational stories of how this music came about, combined with the soothing harmonic richness of the selections make this a valuable resource all acoustic guitarists.

Tommy Emmanuel - Only MB20345 $19.95

Tommy Emmanuel is one of the hottest fingerpicking guitar stars today. This complete transcription offers not only a look at his music, but insight to his style and techniques. The performance notes help player over potential hurdles in the pieces. In standard notation and tablature.

Northumbrian and Border Folk Songs MB96475BCD $19.95

A unique collection of traditional Northumbrian music arranged for fingerstyle guitar. Selections include Salmon Tails Up the Water; Johnny Armstrong; Jimmy Allen; Felton Lonnen; Sir John Fenwick; Bonny Gallowgate Lad; Buy Broom Besoms; Elsie Marley; Sweet Hesleyside; Chevy Chase; Lea Riggs; Noble Squire Dacre; Dolia; Are You My Hinny Burd; and more. Each piece is written in standard notation and tablature and includes brief technical and performance notes.

Pat Kirtley Irish Guitar MB97332 $14.95

World traveling fingerstyle guitarist Pat Kirtley presents 17 solo guitar arrangements of traditional Irish tunes including a few original compositions in the same vein by himself, Pierre Bensusan, and Duck Baker. As all of the tunes in this 1997 recording were arranged in altered tunings (DADGAD, EADEAE or DADEAD), each appears in both standard notation and tablature with insightful performance notes. In general, these transcriptions from Pat Kirtley’s 1997 album of the same title are extremely accurate; The Red-Haired Boy, however, played as a duet with Steve Rector on the album - appears as a solo arrangement in this book. Recommended for the intermediate to advanced player, the author provides insightful performance notes for each tune.

Doyle Dykes Virtuoso Fingerstyle Guitar 0064B $24.95
Doyle Dykes is the natural heir to Chet Atkins' throne. This Nashville-base d virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist plays solo guitar arrangements of original s, hymns, and secular pop music with astounding feel and unheard-of techniq ue. This volume includes Doyle's original guitar compositions and his hugel y popular arrangement of The Beatles' song "Girl." Songs are: Angels Desire * Birmingham Steel * Caleb's Report * Celtic Cowboy * The Changing of the Guard * Country Fried Pickin' * Girl * The Howling of the Wood * The Jawbon e * Martha's Kitchen * Miss Haley's Music Box * Misty Nights in Tokyo * The Road Back Home * Self Portrait on Acoustic Guitar * The Visitation * Wabas h Cannonball * White Rose for Heidi.
101 Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Licks MB98257BCD $14.95

Licks are grabbers of your attention. They can be short, medium, long, funny, sexy, bluesy, profound, hot, cool-you get the idea. Something attracts your attention and you find yourself going to your music store for the music book and CD. This book contains short licks (one or two measures), intros and outros (four measures long), and longer licks. The CD with this book is all you need to hear the licks and can also be used for playing along. These licks will expand your musical vocabulary and enhance your playing. Written in notation and tablature.
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