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Learn to Play Irish Fiddle Video Two: Reels, Jigs and Gavottes HL00641138 $39.95

More complex rolls, triplets, grace notes, bowing techniques, rhythmic timing and phrasing. Songs: The Cottage Grove * Bonnie Kate * Jenny's Chickens * The Man From Bundoran * The Miller Of Droghan * Connie O' Connell's * Dan Collins' Father's Jig * Off To The Races * and three Breton gavottes.

A Fiddler's Guide to Waltzes, Airs and Haunting Melodies HL00641133 $39.95

Fiddlers of all levels will benefit from Jay Ungar's inventive use of slides, rolls, smears, vibrato and special bowing techniques. You'll learn how to turn tunes into distinctive compositions with ornaments, slides and grace notes. Jay teaches Tombigbee Waltz * Tennessee Waltz * South Wind * Shebeg Shemor * Give Me Your Hand * and his grammy-winning tune, Ashokan Farewell.






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