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Carol Ann's Collection of Fiddle Tunes MB982225BCD $22.95

For those fiddlers who are searching for a better understanding of fiddle styles, then this collection will fill the need. Here conveniently gathered together, is a collection of fiddle tunes of many styles, from different locations, from a variety of fiddlers. Each tune is Carol Ann's favorite arrangement with her own personal touch. You will have the benefit of someone who has had 20 years of experience in the "violin world" followed by 30 years in the "fiddle world" and who has won fiddle contests in: Old time, Canadian, Texas, Scottish, plus trick and fancy divisions and in just one collection you will have at your access this collection of a lifetime.

Irish Fiddle Solos 64 Pieces for Violin MB20919BCD $19.95

This collection includes many favourite Irish fiddle tunes. Some are easy to play, others more challenging. The bowing techniques, ornamentation and other aspects of playing style summarized in the introduction will be familiar to readers of Pete’s earlier book, the Complete Irish Fiddle Player, as will source musicians like Julia Clifford, Tommy Peoples, Lucy Farr, John Doherty and Padraig O’Keeffe. Here though, instead of proceeding in ‘fiddle method’ style from simpler to more complex tunes, regional repertoire and styles are explored. Grouped in sets for performance, the tunes from any one tradition can be of varying levels of difficulty. Less experienced players may find sets 5, 6 and 29, for example, quite approachable, as well as the first reel in set 14 and the second single jig in set 15. All tunes included on companion CD.

Fiddling Chord Book MB99938BCD $29.95

50 Tunes Volume 1 for Fiddle is one book in a 5-book series. The 50 Tunes series is a collection of Bluegrass, Old Time and Celtic tunes for ensembles, families and individuals. This book contains the same 50 tunes as those found in the other 4 books of the series, but carefully designed for the fiddle.The parts in this book range from beginner to advanced. All tunes contain a simple melody and most of the tunes contain an intermediate or advanced part. Many tunes contain a harmony part to match the melody. Since fiddle contests are a tradition in American and Celtic fiddling, 50 Tunes Volume 1 for Fiddle contains hoedowns, waltzes, reels, rags, hornpipes, jigs, polkas and airs. Some of the tunes are authentic to true championship fiddling and were arranged and recorded by a former national champion fiddler. Companion CD’s included.

Gypsy Violin MB95538BCD $24.95

This book contains practice tips, a helpful glossary, a short essay on the Gypsy touch and a fine assortment of approximately 50 annotated traditional Gypsy tunes from Russia, Romania, Hungary, and Bessarabia. Based on many years of research, travel, and participation in slavas or Gypsy jam sessions, this long-anticipated book makes a significant and colorful contribution to the violin repertoire while providing a thorough grounding in the characteristic elements of the passionate Gypsy style. The CD is a stereo recording of every song in the book at performance tempo with piano accompaniment.

The Magic of Irish Fiddling TS362 $9.95
Vibrant traditional tunes in first position.
The Magic of Appalachian Fiddling TS364 $9.95
Vibrant traditional tunes in the first position.
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