Fiddle Books

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The Don Messer Anthology of Favorite Fiddle Tunes V1247 $19.95

This Anthology contains the fiddle tunes from the books : Original Old Tyme Music, Way Down East Fiddlin' Tunes, Barndance Breakdowns and Canadian Hoedowns moost of which have been out of print for some time. They represent Don's favorite and most requested tunes in his long career as Canada's best know country fiddler.

Fiddle Tunes Basic and Beyond 0542B $19.95

More than 40 classic fiddle tunes with basic and advanced variations presented for each song. Everything is demonstrated on the included cd. Styles include bluegrass, hornpipes, Waltzes, Jigs, Celtic, Reel and more. A special improvisation section included.

Fiddling Chord Book MB94683 $8.95

Contains the most frequently used basic chords, and covers practically every fiddling situation. Major, minor, diminished, augmented, seventh, minor seventh, and sixth chords are shown in detail.

Essential Jazz Etudes...The Blues for Violin MB99571BCD $14.95

This collection of jazz etudes with accompanying CD gives students a fun and effective way to learn to play jazz style blues lines. The CD tracks provide a professional rhythm section (piano, bass, drums) to play along with, plus recordings of professional jazz musicians playing each etude. The recordings help to provide a model for the student's stylistic development, and an opportunity to play with a great band! Each of the 12 etudes provides a new challenge to master.

The Fiddle Club Introductory Collection MB20620BCD $24.95
From the creators of BARRAGE comes this useful collection of fiddle tunes for the beginning violinist. For the violin student who wishes to learn the violin style of BARRAGE, here is an excellent place to start! To help cultivate the techniques outlined in the Introductory Collection, some short preparatory scales and exercises have been included at the start of the book. All tunes have been arranged for up to 4 violins and piano/guitar! An Enhanced CD-Rom is included - this CD allows one to print off the piano/guitar accompaniments from a computer, and, when inserted into one’s stereo, allows for play along with pre-recorded piano accompaniment track!
The Violinist's Guide to Fiddling MB97194 $14.95

Not your typical fiddle-tune book, these tunes range from variations of regular tunes to obscure Scottish polkas, classical duets, gypsy fiddle tunes, Cajun tunes and even two or three original tunes, with many in third and fifth position. Uncompromising care was taken in the transcription of these pieces, and virtually nothing was simplified. There are several classical piano pieces trimmed down to violin solos and duets, Americana, and even the author’s own variations on “Carnival of Venice.” Included is an extensive section on playing back-up fiddle to another instrument, dwelling on chord patterns, double-stops, bowing patterns, “shuffles,” and all manner of accompaniment, and all fiddle tunes have chord symbols included.

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