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Fiddling Thru The Years HL00000128 $17.95

A biography of Byron's award-winning fiddling career, this wonderful book/cassette pack takes you from his early years through the present. Covers basic beginning tunes, contest playing, bluegrass & other styles. Also includes 37 songs which are demonstrated on the 50-minute accompanying cassette by Byron himself.

Twin Fiddling MB95458BCD $22.95

This unique book presents authentic and fun multiple fiddle arrangements in the following styles: old-time, bluegrass, western swing, waltzes, and more. Playing hints are included for all of the tunes.

Of Course You Can Learn to Play the Fiddle OCYC 01 $22.00

Introducing the basics of fiddling through the in-depth study of twelve tunes (jigs, hornpipes, reels, and waltzes). Proper hand positions, finger charts for scales and arpeggios, reading exercises, and bowing techniques are included. The CD, with fiddle in the left channel and guitar in the right channel, contains tuning, scales and arpeggios, all tunes played at both half and full speed with guitar accompaniment.

Of Course You Can Play the Fiddle - Book 2 OCYC06 $22.00

This is the second book in the "Of Course You Can..." series for beginning to intermediate students of the fiddle. This book features an in-depth study of 20 fiddle tunes in 5 keys. Tunes include waltzes, jigs, reels, polkas, rags, a hornpipe and a strathspey. Each tune comes with its own page of exercises covering scale, arpeggio, bowing and rhythmic aspects of the tune. Also included are scale and arpeggio diagrams for all keys featured in the book as well as a discussion of accents in fiddle music.

Of Course You Can Learn to Read Music for the Fiddle OCYC02 $15.00
For players of all levels. Covers all aspects of reading. Includes detailed descriptions of basics, note naming, note values, time signatures, key signatures, intervals, scales and arpeggios in six major keys, and includes pages of skill-building exercises in all of the above. Also included are eighteen original practice compositions.
New Traditions - Original Tunes OCYC03 $15.00

There are 50 well known waltzes fully notated in the book and played on the CD with a full backing band. (play-a-long tracks including melody line played by another instrument).The book can be used to build a repertoire of waltz music. At live engagements, especially weddings, the audience will always ask for a few waltzes. The material in this book covers a wide range of tempos and styles, not just slow waltzes.

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