Fiddle Books

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Jazz Fiddle Wizard MB98379BCD $22.95

Jazz Fiddle Wizard is a book/CD set tailored for string players who want to learn to improvise in the jazz tradition. The book contains practical theory lessons, presenting rhythms and scales that are immediately put to use. Concepts are introduced progressively, requiring comprehension of previously introduced techniques and terminology. Each lesson includes a theory section and an exercise or performance section. The companion CD provides a full rhythm section accompaniment for each exercise and tune. It is assumed that the reader/player has a basic technical command of the instrument and reads standard music notation at an elementary level or higher.

Fiddling Handbook MD94111BCD $17.95

A valuable and handy reference text for any fiddler. Contains scales and studies, modes, chord studies, bowing, vibrato, introductions, endings, patterns, licks, and etudes in the keys of G,A,B,C,E,F,B-flat, E-flat,A-flat,D-flat, and F sharp! Companion CD is split-track.

You Can Teach Yourself Fiddling MB94430BCD $19.95

Designed for beginning fiddle students, these 36 lessons present basic techniques by applying them to fiddle tunes. Reading music is unnecessary, as the lessons are explained step by step, and fingerings are given for every note. Each version builds on the previous one and helps students to create their own arrangements. Includes a split- track CD. Forty-eight songs from the book are on the CD.

Learn to Play Country Fiddle MB93418 $7.95

An excellent, concise method for fiddling. Appropriate for children, this text also will prepare the fiddler for transition into classics. Widely used by string teachers.

Bruce Molsky - Lost Boy MB97120CDP $29.95
Bruce Molsky is at the forefront of reinvigorating some of the unique fiddle styles of the southeastern United States. He can be considered a revivalist, but has dug so deeply into the tradition, including moving to that area, that he may be said to have gained access to the fountain of tradition. There is some wonderful playing on Lost Boy, the album from which this book is drawn. This book provides detailed transcriptions that will give fiddlers an idea of what the great performers do. It also can act as a springboard to their own interpretations of these tunes.
Folk And Country Waltzes For Fiddle FCWF $19.95

There are 50 well known waltzes fully notated in the book and played on the CD with a full backing band. (play-a-long tracks including melody line played by another instrument).The book can be used to build a repertoire of waltz music. At live engagements, especially weddings, the audience will always ask for a few waltzes. The material in this book covers a wide range of tempos and styles, not just slow waltzes.

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