Fiddle Books

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Fiddle Primer Book FIP $14.95

The fiddle primer is the first book clearly showing the beginner how to play the fiddle. Includes many illustrations showing how to hold the bow and fiddle properly and many exercises to develop good bowing technique and learning how to play in tune.

Deluxe Anthology of Fiddle Styles MB93647BCD $19.95

A critically acclaimed book covering old-time, bluegrass, Irish, blues, Scandinavian, Cajun, Texas, swing and jazz, and twin fiddling styles. This book also covers bowing, chords, chord progressions, kickoffs and endings, and improvisation. The companion recording features David Reiner's solo performance of all the tunes in the book.

The Craig Duncan Master Fiddle Solo Collection MB96995 $19.95

Presents 144 of the most frequently played tunes in old time fiddle contests as well as the most popular bluegrass, square dance and country tunes heard throughout the United States. The performance length arrangements of contest tunes include standard as well as challenging variations on hoe-downs, rags, polkas, show pieces, and waltzes complete with suggested accompaniment chords. This encyclopedia of fiddle tunes and variations spotlights American popular fiddle music as played by the great fiddlers of our time.

Mark O'Connor - The Championship Years MB94585 $19.95

This book shows how Mark adapted what he learned from Benny Thomasson to produce an original voice in fiddle tune variation, becoming the most celebrated fiddle in recent history. Contains meticulously accurate transcriptions of the album of the same name. Includes hoe-downs, schottisches, waltzes, jigs, rags and polkas. The text details the first phase of Mark's career, during which he established a new standard for old-time fiddling. Several of the arrangements are presented more than once, with different arrangements and even keys to exhibit Mark's musical growth, stimulated by his continuing challenges to himself.

Master Anthology of Fiddle Solos Volume One MB98376BCD $29.95
Mel Bay's 2000 Fiddle solo anthology series is designed to enhance the repertoire of the intermediate to advanced fiddler. This generous collection of challenging pieces by many of the leading composers, arrangers, performer, and teachers includes some of the best tunes by Natalie MacMaster, Kenny Kosek, Peter Cooper, Vassar Clements, Stacy Phillips, Peter Anick, Jerry Holland, Paul Anastasio, Frank Ferrel, Robin Bullock, Byron Berline, Jay Ungar, Martin Hayes, and many others. All pieces are presented in standard notation only (except for one piece, which includes fiddle/mandolin tablature), with guitar chords included on selected tunes.
Southern Mountain Fiddle MB95278 $11.95

This engaging book is filled with fiddle instruction, lyrics, tune histories, chords, playing tips, vintage photos, and more for learning to play the fiddle.

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