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Dobro and Steel Guitar Instruction Books and Methods

Mel Bay's Skip, Hop & Wobble/Dobro
#MB95765   Book Only   $9.95
#MB96873CD   CD Only   $15.98
#MB95765CDP   Book/CD Pkg.   $24.95

By Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenburg & Edgar Meyer.  Transcribed by Stacy Phillips.  Focuses on the demands and rewards of playing Dobro in a trio setting with acoustic guitar and upright bass.  All selections are written predominately in G tuning in notation and tablature.

Mel Bay's The Great Dobro Sessions
#MB95771   Book Only   $17.95
#MB95771CD   CD Only   $15.98
#MB95771CDP   Book/CD Pkg.   $32.95

By Stacy Phillips.  Includes solos by the nine top resonator guitarists who contributed to this Grammy award-winning album.  Al 20 tunes (11 solos on Fireball Mail) are written in G tuning in tab.  Features Jerry Douglas, Buck Graves, Mike Auldridge, Sally Van Meter, etc.  The CD does not include the song Day Tripper.

Mel Bay's Learn To Play Bluegrass Dobro Guitar
#MB93968BCD   Book/CD Pkg   $17.95

By Ken Eidson & Tom Swatzell. A step-by-step method by two noted Dobro authorities.   This method takes the student through the basics of bar position, right hand technique, producing harmonics, and minor and seventh chords.  Features 25 solos in G tuning, writing in notation and tablature.

Mel Bay's Deluxe Dobro Tune Book

By Stacy Phillips.  A fine collection of Dobro solos featuring an eclectic array of musical styles.  Contains 90 solos in notation and tablature, ranging from American and British fiddle tunes to down-home blues.

The Dobro Book
Item #OK63289

By Stacy Phillips.  The most complete guide to one of the best-known players, geared for every level.  Includes all basic left and right hand techniques; hammering-on, harmonics, slant bar, playing chords, etc.  Special section on Hawaiian music.

Mel Bay's Complete Steel Guitar Method
Item#:  MB93219
Price $9.95

By Roger Fillberto.  This time-honored method for the
6-string lap steel guitar in E7 tuning teaches tuning, rudiments of
music, notes on all strings, bar positioning, right hand technique,
slant bar techniques, interval studies, scales, chords, key modulations,
natural and palm harmonics, and movable chord formations - all through
familiar songs.  Also includes a handy reference section on major,
minor, diminished, augmented, and seventh chord formations.  Applicable
to slide, bottle-neck, Hawaiian, and even resonator slide guitar styles.

Mel Bay's Anthology of Pedal Steel Guitar

By DeWitt Scott.  Modern E9 pedal steel guitar styles.  Covers the basics as well as advanced techniques in solos arranged by the steel masters.

Mel Bay's The Art of Hawaiian Steel Guitar

By Stacy Phillips.  This book addresses the history and performance characteristics of the Hawaiian steel guitar.  Provides 50 challenging tunes for the 6-string lap steel or resonator guitarist.  Offers performance notes and an exploration of the tab system.  Predominately in G tuning; because a variety of retunings is endemic to this instrument, several arrangements in each of the most popular tunings are shown in their own chapters.  Written in tab only.

Mel Bay's Deluxe Pedal Steel Guitar Method

By DeWitt Scott.  This complete pedal steel method teaches the E9th Nashville set-up, with three knee levers and three floor pedals as well as going into the B6th tuning.  Topics include the rudiments of music, tuning, hand positions, scales, volume pedal techniques, and more.  This comprehensive course assists the student in gaining the proficiency needed to successfully perform in a wide variety of musical settings.  In notation and tablature.

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