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Country Guitar MB96552BCD $10.95

A fine collection of flatpicking exercises and solos progressively arranged to teach and illustrate the varied styles and techniques of Nashville's studio guitarists. This book includes tunes in double-stop harmonies, country shuffle rhythm, country ballad style, steel guitar style, "chicken pickin" style and more. This Mel Bay Value Line reissue of Tommy Flint's "classic" country guitar treatise has a lot to offer the beginning to intermediate country style guitarist.

You Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar MB94818 $10.95

This is a step-at-a-time, enjoyable method for learning to play great sounding country guitar. Dix Bruce, in his humorous yet musically "right on" teaching style, introduces you to country back-up, bass runs, Carter-style bluegrass picking, the Nashville Numbering System for indicating chord changes, use of the capo, transposition, and much more. Work at your own pace and learn to sound like the country greats! Written in notation and tablature.

101 Nashville-Style Guitar Licks MB95447BCD $15.95

Because country music encompasses many substyles, it offers the guitarist a unique and immensely satisfying challenge. Fortunately, the guitar is a chameleon-like instrument that can speak in many colors. Name the style and it has probably been absorbed and mixed into the diverse brew of sounds that make up today's country music. Jazz and blues, acoustic and electric- the modern Nashville session wizard can play it all, and with supreme taste and skill. A good country lead guitarist can really make a band come to life. This book presents an exciting variety of 101 country guitar licks that can be used to greatly effect in real-life performances.

101 Essential Country Chord Progressions MB99043BCD $14.95

This book will help you play and write songs in both contemporary and classic country styles. The book is for music students, teachers, performing artists, recording studios, composers, songwriters, advertising agencies, and any person or music company who needs a user-friendly, comprehensive reference guide to country chord progressions. Specific chord fingerings are supplied for guitar players. The stereo CD makes the book an ideal tool for study or jamming. No note reading is required. Blank treble and bass staves are included for writing songs, licks and solos.

Fretboard Roadmaps Country Guitar HL00695353 $12.95
This book/CD pack will teach you how to play hot country lead and rhythm anywhere on the fretboard, in any key! You'll play basic country progressions, boogie licks, steel licks and other melodies and licks. You'll also learn a variety of lead guitar styles using moveable scale patterns, sliding scale patterns, chord-based licks, double-note licks and more. The book features easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions for beginning, intermediate and advanced players, and the accompanying CD includes 37 demonstration tracks.
Masters Of The Telecasters GF9512CD $34.95

Perhaps no other instrument in history has had such a profound effect on the history, style and development of popular music as the Fender Telecaster. This book provides deep insights into the history and uses of this fantastic instrument, including licks, solos and techniques of all the great 'Telemasters' and influences on blues, country, R&B, and rock. Also includes over 140 music examples in standard notation, tablature, and on the enclosed recordings plus hundreds of photos and more.

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