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Billy in the Lowgrounds MB96757VX $24.95

The Folksong Revival was a dynamic cultural event with its origins in the early 20th century. By the mid-1960's, it had captured American popular music, inspired a generation of folklorists, and served to reintroduce the United States to its vernacular musical roots. The Newport Folk Festival ran for seven years and was the largest of the venues where an urban audience could see traditional artists perform. At the 1966 Newport Festival, folklorist Alan Lomax took some of the old time musicians aside and filmed historic footage of them making music in an informal atmosphere. This footage is made available in this video for the first time. You will see legendary artists Clark Kessinger, Jimmy Driftwood, Kilby Snow, The Coon Creek Girls, Ison J Fontenot, Al and Virginia Manes, Tex Logan, and Grant Rogers performing some of their best numbers.

Doc's Guitar Jam MB95993VX $24.95

Recorded at the 1992 Merle Watson Festival in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, this incredible jam session brings together five masters of flatpicking guitar - Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Dan Crary, Jack Lawrence and Steve Kaufman. Together they harmonize, improvise and burn the classics and hot guitar instrumentals. Two bonus tracks are also included of Doc playing with his friends David Grisman, Bela Fleck, Mark O'Connor, Tim O'Brien, Roland White, Jerry Douglas, T. Michael Coleman and others. All in all, an amazing 60 minutes of great picking.

Norman & Nancy Blake/The Video Collection 1980-1995 MB96604VX $29.95

This collection presents the unique musical blend of Norman & Nancy Blake. Tunes include: "Far From Home," "Primrose Last," and others. A guitar/vocal tour de force! A 62 minute video.

Bluegrass Bass MB96019VX $24.95

This video presents Tony in three different settings recorded at the 1992 Merle Watson Festival playing a wide variety of music all stamped with his personal style and sound. Tony Rice has practiced his flatpicked art to great acclaim in both traditional bluegrass and innovative acoustic circles. He is perhaps the greatest innovator in acoustic flat-picked guitar since Clarence White. Tony recently remarked in a Country Guitar interview, "Others have said about me from time to time that I have a unique tone and balance on the instrument. I just kind of play it the way I hear it."

Doc Watson - Rare Performances 1963-1981 MB95455VX $24.95
This collection of rarely seen video performances illustrate the power and range of Doc's talents and the evolution of his performance style. His music ranges from flatpicking guitar instrumentals, a harmonica solo, acapella gospel singing, frailing banjo to fingerstyle guitar and warm vocals. The tapestry of sounds Doc wove during his first two decades performing outside North Carolina unfolds in these enduring and inspiring performances.
Soloing Styles & Techniques for Bluegrass Bass MB95124VX $29.95
Doc Watson is widely regarded as today's finest flatpicking guitarist. He is a living treasury of Americana. In this Ramblin' concert recorded in 1980, Doc is joined by his son Merle on guitar and banjo and by Michael Coleman on bass. Their performance is a showcase of native folk traditions and a display of distinctive stylistic inventions. Visits with Doc and Merle at home in Deep Gap, North Carolina, and in concert in Rock Hill, South Carolina, are also included.
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