Classical Guitar Books

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Suite Espanola Op. 47 EL02800 $12.95

Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909) began composing the Suite Espanola, Op. 47 in 1885 and did not complete the eight movement work for piano until the mid 1890's. The movements Barrueco has selected to transcribe for this edition are: No. 1 Granada(serenata), No. 2 Cataluna(curranda), No. 3 Sevilla (sevillanas), No. 4 Cadiz (cancion) and No. 8 Cuba (caprichio).

Flamenco Guitar Method For Beginners EL02337 $9.50

This method is designed to teach a novice the fundamentals of music and guitar playing, with an emphasis on the techniques germane to flamenco.

An Introduction To Flamenco Guitar FC02296 $8.95

In this book are selected variations that are accesible to the beginner and at the same time indicated something of the style inherent in each. Both the dark and serious aspect of Flamenco (cante hondo)and its light, gay side (cante chico) are represented.

The Music Of Albeniz EL039546 $19.95

Includes Cuba (Notturno), En El Mar, En La Playa, Rumors de la Caleta, Puerto de Tierra Each arrangement is written in standard notation and tablature and a CD containing each piece performed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima is included.

Conversation Pieces Original Solos for the Classical Guitarist MB98453BCD $14.95
This book is a collection of short, easy-to-learn guitar solos that sound impressive even when played by the beginning guitar student. The classical/folk style of these works gives the performer something that is fun and exciting to learn, and the listener something that is pleasant to the ear. The works are arranged in order of musical complexity, the last being the most difficult. Written in notation and tablature.
Classical Studies for Pick-Style Guitar HL50449440 $9.95

This Berklee Workshop, featuring over 20 solos and duets by Bach, Carcassi, Paganini, Sor and other renowned composers, is designed to acquaint intermediate to advanced pick-style guitarists with some of the excellent classical music that is adaptable to pick-style guitar. With study and practice, this workshop will increase a player's knowledge and proficiency on this formidable instrument.

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