Classical Guitar Books

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Learning the Classic Guitar Part 3 MB94363BCD $19.95

Part three teaches the student to form clear and accurate concepts of music expression. It also teaches the guitarist how to perform in public with accuracy and confidence. The book is filled with carefully graded original exercises and pieces. Written in standard notation only. Companion CD included follows examples in the book.

J. S. Bach in Tablature MB94581BCD $14.95

This edition contains 10 of J.S. Bach's finest compositions scored in notation and tablature. Works include: Two Part Invention in C Major; Gavotte, from the 3rd Lute Suite; Prelude in D Minor; Bouree in E Minor, from the 1st Lute Suite; and others. The CD is a stereo listening CD and on it each selection is played at both a slow and performance tempo. All songs from the book are on the CD.

Lullabies of the Americas for Classic Guitar Solo MB99477 $7.95

The lullaby, a particular genre of song, is a gentle expression of intense emotion a caregiver uses to express boundless love to the child. The soothing melody of the lullaby sung from the mother’s tender voice provides the infant with an inner feeling of peace and comfort. These love songs end up being the child’s earliest memory of comfort and affection. The lullaby leaves such a lasting impression that it is recalled later in life and sung to subsequent generations for the same purposes for which it began. The lullabies in this collection are arranged for classic guitar solo (without vocals) in notation and tablature.

Patriotic Songs MB99614 $6.95

Seven solos for classic guitar in notation and tablature based on favorite patriotic American songs: America the Beautiful, The Star-Spangled Banner, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and more.

Flamenco Guitar Solos MB99398BCD $17.95
This book and CD are made for all aficionados of flamenco guitar and for guitarists of any other style who enjoy variety in their musical sources. They present ten pieces composed and recorded in the traditional forms of flamenco music, written in notation and tablature. The author explains the form and characteristics of each piece in introductory notes, helping the player understand the differences between an Alegrías, and a Soleares, or among any of the traditional flamenco forms. The demonstration recording will give players an example of the interpretation of the pieces. These pieces capture the energy, technical prowess, grace, and depth of feeling that give flamenco music its unique magic.
100 Graded Classical Guitar Studies AM38597 $22.95
The works of Sor, Guiliani, and Carcassi have been selected to provide the student with an invaluable guide for developing both left-and-right hand skills.

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