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The Advanced Guitarist's Picture Chords AM25040 $7.95

A key by key guide to chord triads, chord substitutes, moveable chord shapes. Clearly shown in easy-to-follow photos and diagrams.

CD-ROM Guitar Chord Finder AM940522 $19.95

See and hear every chordplayed on the ‘virtual guitar neck’... plus standard music notation and chord boxes for each. 350 most-used chords fully illustrated, how to tune your guitar perfectly.

Guitar Chords Plus HL00000011 $11.95

This comprehensive book is a study of chords (normal and extended), tunings, keys, transposing, and the capo. It includes informative and clear photos, diagrams and instructions, and addresses the questions: Are there really thousands of guitar chords?; Which chords are important to the beginner?; Must you learn all the different ways to play a C chord?; If a song seems too difficult to play, can you make it easier by changing the key?; Is a capo worth the trouble?; and more.

The 3 Chord Songbook: Traditional AM34414 $8.95

Over 40 songs that can be learned in a day by mastering the 3 chord trick. Includes Red River Valley, Clementine, Kumbaya, Michael Row The Boat Ashore, and On Top Of Old Smokey.

Chords And Tunings For Fretted Instruments OK63412 $17.95
Contains hundreds of chord shapes and voicings for 4 guitar tunings; 7 banjo tunings, including major, minor, old time, and mountain tuning; ukulele and tenor guitar chords; 3 Dobro tunings; and 3 fiddle tunings.
The Guitarist's Picture Chords MB98256 $5.95
A complete guide to the most useful guitar chords in every key. Includes diagrams and photos for proper hand positions.
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