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A Begginer's Guide To Chord Positions HL00641569 $24.95

Find chords in the upper reaches of the fingerboard, and learn the basic concepts of music theory for guitar. Starting with the easiest three-string movable chord positions, Happy explains with very clear, simple instructions how to use them, combining them with other movable chords until you can play in any position and in any key. Moving on to four, five and six-string (barre) movable chords, you'll learn songs and chord progressions that will help you put your newly-acquired chord knowledge into practice.

The Original Guitar Case Chord Book AM35841 $5.95

Illustrated dictionary groups major, minor, and related chords together—with diagrams for alternative chord fingerings, moveable chords, and jazz voicings.

The Guitar Case Chord Book In Color AM974171 $7.95

The Guitar Case Chord Book groups chords in a new way that makes looking up and learning new chords easier for you. Over 170 chords are grouped by family, so the chords you're likely to find together in any one piece are next to each other in the book. You can understand how they are related at a glance. The chord diagrams clearly indicate the position of the root and suggested fingering for each chord. There is also a special section on moveable chords.

The 3 Chord Songbook: Traditional AM34414 $8.95

Over 40 songs that can be learned in a day by mastering the 3 chord trick. Includes Red River Valley, Clementine, Kumbaya, Michael Row The Boat Ashore, and On Top Of Old Smokey.

Chords And Tunings For Fretted Instruments OK63412 $17.95
Contains hundreds of chord shapes and voicings for 4 guitar tunings; 7 banjo tunings, including major, minor, old time, and mountain tuning; ukulele and tenor guitar chords; 3 Dobro tunings; and 3 fiddle tunings.
The Guitarist's Picture Chords MB98256 $5.95
A complete guide to the most useful guitar chords in every key. Includes diagrams and photos for proper hand positions.
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