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Appalachian Bluegrass Shoppe has teamed up with MacCubbin Guitars and Craig Lavin Custom Inlay and Design to establish the Chesapeake Bay Guitar Project.

The group will offer a series of handcrafted and custom inlayed, one of a kind, limited edition acoustic guitars featuring unique scenes of the Chesapeake Bay, its wildlife and its environment. These handcrafted designs will be created in very detailed inlay on the guitars’ surfaces resulting in highly customized and unique instruments. The Project will benefit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation® through increased opportunities to raise awareness of the Chesapeake Bay as an important regional resource to protect and preserve, and share some of the Bay’s history and natural beauty. The founders have also pledged to contribute a generous portion of the Project’s proceeds to support the work of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation® . The first guitars in the series will be unveiled to the public in April 2008. Pre-sales reservations for the guitars are now being accepted.

CoTo contact us call : 410-744-1144 or Email: abs@toad.net

Store :(410)744-1144, toll-free:1-800-845-8456, E-mail: abs@toad.net