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Fingerstyle Bluegrass Guitar MB94733VX $19.95

This course is a fun, easy way for a beginning to intermediate guitarist to learn how to play the blues. You'll learn blues chord progressions as well as a variety of blues strumming and picking patterns. This course also presents basic blues scales, lead guitar techniques, and combination rhythm and lead playing. The basics of slide guitar and open tuning are also covered.

The Guitar of Blind Blake MB98199VX $39.95

Blind Blake was the premier ragtime blues guitarist of the 1920s. He expanded the alternating bass style to encompass the contemporary dance trends and more complex blues ideas introduced by the jazz bands of New Orleans and Chicago. His technique featured unique right-hand thumb rolls that evoked the feel of the Charleston dance step. In this video lesson, Woody Mann explores the ideas, techniques, and styles of a legendary musician who has influenced generations of country blues guitarists.

The Guitar of Chris Smither HL00641395 $39.95

Chris Smither's blues fingerpicking techniques and compelling vocals create a sound unlike any other contemporary stylist. He takes apart some of his most requested songs, slowing them down and explaining his licks for the learning guitarist: Link of Chain · Happier Blue · Hold On · Killin' the Blues · Can't Shake These Blues · and The Devil's Real. This lesson will open up new possibilities for song accompaniments and blues technique.

The Blues Guitar of Keb' Mo' HL00641446 $29.95

Keb' Mo', the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter whose work is currently being heard on the radio, television and in the movies, has aimed his video at the beginning/intermediate blues player. After an in-depth lesson in the basics of fingerpicking technique and the traditional country blues of Robert Johnson and other great players, he goes on to teach some of his trademark contemporary blues-based tunes, including: Perpetual Blues Machine · Angelina · and Henry. A must for all fans of blues guitar!

Slide Guitar for Rock and Blues HL00641058 $39.95
With special guests The Delta Rhythm Kings One of today's hottest slide guitarists shows how to get the sounds that drive the best electric rock and blues bands: vibrato, dynamics, intonation, slide-hammer technique, damping strings and much more. Includes sizzling versions of: Look Over Yonders Wall * The Sky Is Crying * Walking Blues * Tip Walk * Black Cat Bone to illustrate turnarounds, endings and complete solos in several styles.
Learn to Play Bottleneck Blues Guitar HL00641015 $39.95
The powerful licks, runs, rhythms, harmonics and songs of Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton, Muddy Waters and other Delta blues players.
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