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Blues Guitar Chords And Accompaniment SSM00771 $15.95

Blues Guitar Chords And Accompaniment is the ultimate guide for learning how to play guitar accompaniment. The book guides you step by step through a variety of basic open chords, strumming patterns, and accompaniment styles, along with numerous techniques involved in blues rhythm guitar.

The Art Of Acoustic Blues Guitar: The Basics F3174GTXCD $24.95

Whether your favourite blues guitarist is Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Blind Blake, John Lee Hooker, Big Bill Broonzy, or Mississippi John Hurt, studying the basic techniques presented in this program is the first step toward being able to capture the essence of their traditional styles. In The Basics Woody Mann shows you practical ways to develop fundamental technique and offers you insights into the musical logic of blues guitar.

The Art Of Acoustic Blues Guitar: The Logic Of Fretboard OK65098 $24.95

The ability to improvise and create variations within a song is the essence of the guitar work of the great traditional acoustic blues guitarists such as Blind Blake, Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, Rev. Gary Davis, and Blind Lemon Jefferson. By exploring the ways that chords, melodies, and rhythms work, Woody Mann presents practical and simple ways to create variations in your playing.

The Art Of Acoustic Blues Guitar: Ragtime And Gospel OK65109 $24.95

16 classic recordings, completely transcribed in standard notation and tab, from Lonnie Johnson, the father of modern electric blues. The titles include: Bitin' Flea Blues * Away Down in the Alley Blues * Uncle Ned Don't Use Your Head. The included audio contains Johnson's historic recordings, remastered from the original 78s.

Blues Lead Guitar Method MB93390BCD $17.95
One of the all-time best selling books on blues lead guitar playing. Playing lead blues-rock guitar depends on mainly two things: 1) what you can hear in your mind, and 2) getting your fingers to the proper sounds on your instrument. This book was written with emphasis on the second idea. There are four blues-rock finger patterns used in this book utilizing all six strings of the guitar with each pattern. These four patterns connect with each other enabling the lead player to use the entire fingerboard and range of the guitar to express his musical ideas. Charts are used to show you how to place these four patterns at the proper place on the neck for improvising in any key. Great rock solos can be played in any one of these for patterns or in any combination of the patterns. Written in box diagram and tablature form (notation also included), this fine text takes the beginning guitarist into solid, funk/rock lead solo playing. Play-along CD included.
Electric Blues Guitar Workout MB20540 $8.95
Electric Blues Guitar Workout contains comprehensive information and workouts that will benefit beginning to advanced blues players. Students will develop the knowledge and techniques to solo on blues including: string bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs, double-stops and more. Sequence-pattern workouts not only get the fingers moving but will help in the development of the ear and to infuse solos with new ideas. Comprehensive scale fingerings are provided with exercises for learning to solo using the entire fretboard. In notation and tablature.
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