Blues Guitar Books

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Rev. Gary Davis/Blues Guitar OK63008 $21.95

The first instruction guide exclusively about this major innovator and stylist. It reveals Gary Davis’s style of playing and hints about playing in Davis’s own words. More than 20 tunes including Cocaine Blues, Candyman, and Lost Boy in the Wilderness.

The Complete Robert Johnson OK64965 $17.95

29 songs that form the complete recorded works of this seminal blues artist. Includes: 32-20 Blues, Come On In My Kitchen, Crossroad Blues, Dead Shrimp Blues, Hell Hound on My Trail, Walkin’ Blues, Malted Milk, Me and the Devel Blues and Sweet Home Chicago.

Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar AM71390 $21.95

Takes you from the fundamentals of fingerpicking to five authentic blues tunes. With graded exercises, illustrated tips, plus standard notation and tablature.

Chicago Blues Guitar OK63966 $21.95

The story of Chicago blues guitar in words and music. Chapters on choosing the right guitar, 12-bar blues, turnarounds, and blues scales. Special sections on slide techniques, backup, the shuffle lick, riffing, and soloing.

Blues Guitar Licks BK003094 $10.95
Learn Blues rhythm and soloing from one of the best teachers and players in the Southeast. This companion book to Introduction to Blues Guitar Video shows exact hand positions to learn how to properly play rhythm to the 12 Bar Blues and learn scales (Em pentatonic and Blues Scales). It covers all the material in the video (learning how to solo up and down the neck of the guitar), plus it has additional information (playing in other keys up and down the neck, blues turnarounds, an expanded hot licks section, and an appendix covering a variety of information).
The Blues And Beyond REHBK001CD $24.95
This book begins with basic blues concepts such as the pentatonic, mixolydian and blues scales and builds on them, progressively incoporating more sophisticated scales and chord voicings. With lots of transcriptions and music examples, the book moves from basic 12-bar blues through gospel, jazz and modal feels.
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