Blues Guitar Books

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You Can Teach Yourself Blues Guitar MB94699BCD $19.95

A truly enjoyable in-depth look at the basics of acoustic blues guitar! Learn the blues progression, blues chords, strum patterns, how to accompany a blues song, 6/8 blues, minor blues, power chords, moveable chords, barre chords, the blues scale, turnarounds, fill-ins, the capo, double stops, blues licks, bass line accompaniments, 12/8 blues, blues techniques, how to build and play an improvised solo, and fingerpicking blues. Also included are dozens of blues solos and 9 great new blues songs! In notation and tablature.

Best of Blues Guitar MB94138BCD $17.95

A must for any contemporary blues guitarists. Contains 12 great "down home" blues solos, each inspired by an original blues guitar giant like Blind Lemon Jefferson on Robert Johnson. Each solo contain comments about the styles and trademark lick of the blues legends. In notation and tablature. The companion CD includes all the songs from the book.

Roots of Robert Johnson MB95074BCD $22.95

This unique collection offers a colorful cross- selection of the musicians, songs and sounds that were part of Robert Johnson's musical world. The tunes present a wide spectrum of styles, techniques, and approached, as well as various keys and tunings. In notation and tablature. All songs from the book are on the CD.

Country Blues Guitar in Open Tunings MB99466BCD $24.95

Open tunings have been used by many country blues guitarists. From the alternating bass styles of Furry Lewis and Mississippi John Hurt to the evocative and haunting sounds of Skip James to the ragtime blues of Blind Blake. In this series we discuss some of the finest guitar arrangements played in open tunings. For the intermediate guitarist. Notation and tablature with three compact discs.

101 Mississippi Delta Blues Fingerpicking Licks MB96241BCD $17.95
This book/CD set examines four and eight-beat blues licks which may be played within typical chord patterns in the most commonly used blues keys. Written for fingerstyle guitar, complete with pima fingering for the classically trained guitarist, the licks vary in difficulty but all lie within the capability of the beginning to intermediate player. The coarse primitive quality of fingerpicking blues is captured in these 101 licks, harkening back to the roots of blues- the work songs, field hollers, and spirituals of the rural South.
Delta Blues Guitar MB99467BCD $24.95
The Mississippi Delta of the 1920s-1940s was a treasure chest of powerful blues performances. These lessons detail tunes by Willie Brown, Tommy Johnson, and Mississippi John Hurt. This book features notation, tablature, and three compact discs of phrase-by-phrase audio instruction for the intermediate guitarist.
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