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Easy Beginner Bass Guitar EBBG $2.95

A beginner's guide to the bass guitar. Includes : Care of your Bass Guitar. How to tune your Bass Guitar. Finger Symbols. Notation. Easy songs to get started with.

Walking Bass MB95547BCD $22.95

The modern electric bass guitar patterns presented here are designed to teach the student guitarist and bassist the basics of playing effective "walking bass line" accompaniment for instrumentalists and vocalists. This is a no-nonsense book that gets quickly to the heart of the matter. It would best be appreciated by the intermediate to advance student already familiar with the fundamentals of electric bass guitar technique. Written in notation and tablature, Walking Bass provides a thorough grounding in chard theory as applied to the electric bass.

Learn to Play Bluegrass Bass MB93638 $8.95

At last, here is a method book for the upright string bass or "dog house bass" as it is affectionately known in bluegrass circles. Although bluegrass bass has a style of its own, the knowledge gained through this method is applicable to virtually any musical genre. This book addresses the elements of tuning, hand positions, essential chord theory, slap bass technique, and playing in positions 1-10. A handy chart is provided for transposing chord progressions from one key to anothere.

Complete Blues Bass Book MB95403 $12.95

The Complete Blues Bass Book .

Bass Guitar AM14028 $21.95
Even though you may have no knowledge of the bass guitar or music, this is a book you can use to advantage. A method of tuition that develops logically from the basics to technical and musical standards that open the doors to jazz, fusion, and rock.
How To Play Bass Guitar AM35171 $14.95
The Mississippi Delta of the 1920s-1940s was a treasure chest of powerful blues performances. These lessons detail tunes by Willie Brown, Tommy Johnson, and Mississippi John Hurt. This book features notation, tablature, and three compact discs of phrase-by-phrase audio instruction for the intermediate guitarist.
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