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Jammin' Bluegrass Banjo MB95408VX $19.95

This video covers soloing on the fivestring banjo, as well as playing back-up, a skill using many of the same phrases and techniques as solo playing-but with a different attitude. Introduces the three basic elements of music--melody, harmony, and rhythm--in relation to playing back-up banjo, as well as the most often-used bluegrass rolls, licks, and spills. Jam with the band! Instructional booklet included.

Introduction to Banjo Video BPV $14.95

Introduction to Banjo Video by Geoff Hohwald is a 60 minute video that covers the material presented in the Banjo Primer book. This course is designed to take the raw beginner through all the necessary steps to learn how to play Scruggs style 5 string banjo. It utilizes many closeups to show proper hand position and technique. Our unique split screens show both hands in detail and utilizes onscreen tablature for all of the music, with a bouncing ball type pointer showing each note as it is being played. This is a complete instructional tool that is a must for the beginner.

An Introduction to the 5-String Banjo WOTW006 $39.95

Here it is! The first instructional video on 5-String Banjo that focuses on playing banjo within most any setting. Learn how to play banjo within most any musical genre including: bluegrass, rock, country, blues, ragtime and jazz. Let this video lead you by the hand through exercise after exercise and make it easy to learn further melodies on your own...this video will prepare you to play with others by introducing how to combine roll patterns with chord progressions and develop the technique to play fast and slow leads.

An Introduction to the 6 & 12-String Banjo WOTW $39.95

This video covers the many styles and approaches to both the 6 & 12-string banjo along with the many possible applications within most any musical setting. Two main mediums covered are fingerpicking and flatpicking on both the 6 & 12-string banjo.


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