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Old-Time Banjo Styles HL00641126 $39.95

Taught by Mike Seeger with special guests Doc Watson, Kirk Sutphin, Greg Hooven, Etta Baker, and Joe and Odell Thompson. Mike Seeger's expertise in two- and three-finger picking, clawhammer, and other old-time styles comes across clearly in this instructional session. Special workshop performances by some of the country's top traditional players give banjo students rare insight into the subtle beauty of this uniquely American music. Sixteen songs, including: Molly Dear * Reuben's Train * Tom Dooley * Baptist Shout * Snow Drop * Marching Jaybird * John Brown's Dream.

Southern Banjo Styles Volume 1 HL00641479 $29.95

Mike Seeger's in-depth survey of southern banjo styles teaches nine pieces to help players develop a full range of repertoire and traditional techniques. Each section features a performance of an important historic song, information as to its style and source, a close-up view of each of the nine banjos used, and detailed instruction on how to play it. Songs: Soon in the Morning, Babe · Roustabout · Jim Crack Corn · Battle in the Horseshoe · Darling Cora · Devil's Dream · Little Birdie · Around the World · and Whoopin' Up Cattle.

Southern Banjo Styles Volume 2 HL00641496 $39.95

Mike Seeger continues his in-depth video lesson and demonstration of predominant banjo styles of the 19th and early 20th century. Volume 2 focuses on two- and three-finger techniques, some of which are the foundation for contemporary three-finger style. Each video segment features a complete performance of a song or tune, commentary on its style and source, and detailed split-screen instruction for playing it. Songs: Flop Eared Mule · Lost Gander · The Sailor and the Soldier · American Spanish Fandango · Got No Silver Nor Gold Blues · We're Up Against It Now · That's What Old Bachelors Are Made Out Of · The Last of Callahan · Lady Gay.

Southern Banjo Styles Volume 3 HL00641497 $29.95

The banjo inspired a great variety of playing styles in the South during the 19th and 20th centuries. On this video, Mike Seeger presents an overview of mid-20th-century styles, helping you develop a full range of traditional techniques and repertoire. Each lesson features a complete performance of a song or tune (each one played on a different historical banjo), commentary on its style and source, and detailed instruction for playing it. Songs: Down South Blues · Last Night When My Willie Come Home · Wabash Blues · Bright Sunny South · Roll On John · Needlecase · Come My Little Pink · I'm Head over Heels in Love.

Clawhammer Style Banjo HL00000089 $39.95
These two 2-hour videos supplement Ken Perlman's Melodic Clawhammer Banjo, the handbook on how to play this purely American style. Leads you step-by-step to a thorough understanding of the banjo, teaching basic right-hand and left-hand positions, simple chords, and fundamental clawhammer techiniques, like the brush, the bumm-titty, strums, pull-offs, slides, and more. Progresses to more advanced techniques.
Learn to Play Clawhammer Banjo HL00641311 $29.95
In this comprehensive lesson, Bob Carlin explores the intricacies of old-time clwhammer banjo style for players ready to move beyond the basics. Topics include: drop-thumb, double C-tuning, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, variations, endings, and more. Includes advice on choosing a banjo, plus the songs: Arkansas Traveler, cluck Old Hen , The Eighth of January, Sally Goodin. Each tune is broken down step-by-step.
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