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Bluegrass from Heaven Banjo Edition MB96658 $12.95

The music on the Bluegrass from Heaven CD from CMH Records reaches to atmospheric heights, with equally lofty lyrics and world-class picking. The purpose of this book is to make these solos accessible to any banjo player. As well as providing valuable insight into the arranging prowess of these master players, these note-for-note transcriptions will give you a good look at how to play solid, professional solos in several open positions on the banjo.

Banjo Chords MB93267 $4.95

This handy book shows all of the basic banjo chords in photo and diagram form. The front of the book contains a section of bluegrass G-tuning chords, and the remainder contains C-tuning.

Scott Vestal - Acutab Transcriptions Vol. 1 MB97008 $15.00

This book provides complete tablature for the solos and selected backups from David Parmley, Scott Vestal and Continental Divide's debut album, Continental Divide, plus selections from Scott's solo album, In Pursuit of Happiness. Scott Vestal is one of the most electrifying players in bluegrass. In addition to the tabs, this book includes performance notes, fingerings, and Scott's comments and recollections about the music.

Scott Vestal - Acutab Transcriptions Vol. 2 MB98422 $25.00

Scott's playing covers all three major styles of bluegrass banjo, with many examples in the Scruggs, melodic, and single-string styles. Much of his unique approach centers around his special ability to seamlessly mix elements of all three styles in his picking. This new book is AcuTab's most comprehensive treatment of Scott's music to date.

Terry Baucom - Acutab Transcriptions Vol. 1 MB97001 $15.00
This special volume includes complete tablature for the banjo solos on the two hit recordings by Lou Reid, Terry Baucom and the bluegrass group, Carolina: "Carolina Blue" and "Carolina Moon." Includes performance suggestions for each solo and Terry's comments and recollections about the songs. As its company name implies, AcuTab has achieved a high degree of accuracy in tablature for the bluegrass banjo and mandolin.
Steve Dilling - Acutab Transcriptions Volume 1 MB99616 $25.00

This tablature book for 5-string bluegrass banjo features 23 authorized transcriptions from four IIIrd Tyme Out recordings: Letter to Home; Living on the Other Side; Live at the MAC; and John & Mary. As an integral member of IIIrd Tyme Out, Steve has learned much about the musical interaction that is at the heart of bluegrass.
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