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Here at Appalachian Bluegrass we carry a wide selection of banjos. Everything from budget minded student level instrument to a world class professional one. Some of the brands we are proud to represent are the Deering Banjo Co. They have become the industries #1 US production company. Building a wide range of instruments starting with the "Goodtime" line to the Golden Classic.

Gold Tone string instruments, a company known for not only value and quality, but a company that provides a wide range and variety of banjo style instruments. From a regular 5 string to more exotic style banjola, banjolele, and Irish tenor.

There is an ever-changing variety of previously owned instruments that range in makes and models.

You can always count on all of our banjos being ready to be played. Each banjo is given to our banjo technician to be setup. That means major brand strings installed, heads tightened or replaced if necessary. Pretty much everything that can be done to give the instrument maximum tone and playability for your enjoyment.

Store :(410)744-1144, toll-free:1-800-845-8456, E-mail: abs@toad.net