Bagpipe Tutor MB96921WW $16.95

This book serves two purposes: 1.) As a tutor, it provides the student with general instruction and a wide selection of popular Irish and Scottish tunes. The tunes are graded according to difficulty as Elementary (E), Intermediate (I) or Advanced (A) as an aid to the learner. 2.) The book offer the accomplished player a new expanded repertoire of Irish tunes along with a selection of well-known Scottish tunes.

Learn to Play The Bagpipe LRSB $10.00

Learn to play the Bagpipe is a new concept in tuition for the practice chanter devised by Pipe Major R.T. Shepherd. An abundance of clear precise photographs showing all the finger positions plus the different note combinations. Detailed descriptions on the playing of : Marches, Strathspeys and Reels. It is hoped that this tutor will provide for both the beginner and instructor a programmed method of learning. Cassette and CD available.

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