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Open Tunings HL00695557 $19.95

Open tunings offer guitarists an opportunity for a fresh new view of the instrument and an expansion of their creative options. From Open D to tuning in fourths, here are more than 20 of the most common open tunings. With a tuning diagram, diagrams for the most common chords, and scales shown in notation and tablature for each tuning, this book is a handy reference for everyday use. You also get tips on how to transpose songs to other keys, an explanation of chord symbols, the basic chords in standard tuning and a chord/scale chart showing you which scales to play over the most commonly used chords.

Dropped D Guitar - Bach to Blues MB98462BCD $22.95

Dropped D Guitar: Bach to Blues provides in-depth strategies to help the seasoned beginner to intermediate guitarist gain familiarity with the patterns of dropped D, utilizing a series of hands-on exercises for playing in dropped D tuning. Actual music is provided (no scales here) in the major keys of C, G, D, A, and the minor keys of Dm, Am, and Em. In addition, the guitarist is given a wide-ranging source of music, in a variety of musical styles and keys. There are works written by classical masters, traditional music, and early blues—all arranged for fingerstyle guitar in dropped D tuning in both standard notation and tablature. Background narrative is given on musical periods, composers, and the music to add to the reader’s understanding and interest. All instructional and solo material is played by the author on the accompanying CD.

Ultimate Fretted Tuning Chart MB20475BCD $7.95

This chart contains 87 tunings (47 for guitar) for various common and hard to find instruments. The accompanying CD has all the tunings played on the actual instruments. Many tunings are offered for most instruments. Instruments include guitar, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, bass, harp guitar, balalaika, oud, charrango, bouzouki, tres, ukulele, bajo sexto, dobro/lap steel, vihuela and requinto. Included are the most common tunings as well as many exotic tunings, especially for guitar.



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