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Alternate Tunings Guitar Essentials HL00695557 $19.95

Unlock the secrets of playing and composing in alternate tunings with this unique, comprehensive book/CD pack! Includes an introduction to alternate tunings and the players who have pioneered them (including tips from David Wilcox, David Crosby, Alex de Grassi, Duncan Sheik and more), 12 in-depth lessons in 11 tunings, 10 full songs to play, a special section on how to create your own tunings, an extensive list of 60 tunings to try - with artist songs and examples, and accessible arrangements in standard notation and tab. The complete guide to a new world of playing by the master teachers at Acoustic Guitar magazine!

Alternate Tunings Guitar Collection HL00699239 $16.95

Join some of today's greatest guitar players and explore the new world outside of standard tuning! This unique CD/songbook lets you hear and play 12 songs in 10 different tunings: David Wilcox - Eye of the Hurricane · David Crosby with CPR - That House · Sonny Chillingworth - Moe 'Uhane (Dream Slack Key) · John Cephas and Phil Wiggins - John Henry · Ani DiFranco - Cradle and All · Alex de Grassi - The Water Garden · Dougie MacLean - Caledonia · Ledward Kaapana - Whee Ha Swing · Trian - The Death of Queen Jane · Peter Finger - 101 South · Mary Chapin Carpenter - The Moon and St. Christopher · Paul Brady - Arthur McBride. Features the original artists' recordings, accurate transcriptions in notes and tab, bios and photos, detailed performance notes with tips from the artists, and more!

Guitar Solos in Open & Altered Tuning MB96326BCD $17.95

Features full-sounding arrangements, including melody, accompanying chords, and polyphonic voicings of 30 traditional melodies in various open tunings. Each tuning is explored in depth to achieve ringing harp-like effects and interesting bass lines. Includes extensive program notes for each piece. Written in notation and tablature.

Steve Baughman's Celtic Guitar Method MB96700BCD $22.95

Traditionally the role of the guitar in Celtic music has been confined to accompaniment of lead instruments or a vocalist. In this book Steve Baughman suggests ways to break free of this mold, allowing the guitarist to internalize techniques that make the expression of Celtic melodies a pleasant endeavor. Divided into two sections, the book covers melodic and percussive expressive techniques. The transcriptions herein are derived from Steve's album, A Drop of the Pure. All are written in standard notation and tablature.

The Irish DADGAD Guitar Book OMB108 $18.95
Learn all about playing and backing traditional Irish music using the famous DADGAD open tuning. In easy-to-read tab. and notation.
Complete Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar MB95217BCD $29.95
The ancient Celtic repertoire offers the fingerstyle guitarist a tantalizingly wide range of moods and emotions from sad laments to lyrical ballads to vibrant dance rhythms. This collection presents a vast array of fingerpicking guitar solos settings on timeless airs, hornpipes, reels, planxties, set dances, jigs, slip jigs, marches, songs and compositions by the renowned 17th century blind Irish bard, Turlough O'Carolan. The solos are in varied guitar tunings and are presented in notation and tablature. Performance notes and suggested listening guides are also included. ***27 songs from this book are on cassette and CD.
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