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Accordion & Concertina Books

Mel Bay's Deluxe Accordion Method

By Frank Zucco.  Based on 50 years of teaching and performing on the
accordion, Mr. Zucco has provided us with a complete and thorough
accordion method.  Fresh, innovative instruction is included along with
new original solos and arrangements.  One of the finest accordion
methods available.  This children's method has three levels in one
book.  It teaches proper playing technique as well as the rudiments of
music theory.  Students learn to play by feel and touch rather than
depending on sight.

Mel Bay's Favorite Accordion Solos

By Frank Zucco.  A complete collection of light classics, folk music,
and original solos for accordion.  Intermediate in difficulty.  This is
an outstanding collection of accordion solos.  The music is from various
periods and represents a colorful assortment of styles.  The
arrangements are quite unique to the accordion.  This text should
provide much-needed solo and recital material for any accordion

Mel Bay's Deluxe Concertina Book

By Frank Converse.  An extremely well-written method for 20-key.
German-style concertina.  One of the best books of its kind!  The true
value and importance of the concertina has never been fully developed
until recent times.  This book was designed especially for the
beginner.  It will provide hours of pleasure, and at the same time,
advancement to the classics.

The Concertina
Item #OK63677

By Frank Butler.  The Concertina is the standard instruction text for the English concertina.  Teaching is accomplished through the traditional note-reading approach.   This handbook for beginners contains 25 tunes for a wide variety of playing.

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